Biffuz Frontend Collection icon Biffuz Frontend Collection 2.0

This is a collection of easy to use visual frontends for the popular commandline audio encoders Gogo (MP3) and Oggenc (OggVorbis).

The idea behind the Biffuz Frontends is very simple: drop some uncompressed wave files (typically Audio CD tracks) on the list, set some basic options, and encode them in one of those very popular formats, MP3 and OggVorbis, with a minimun effort. You can encode your Audio CDs without ripping!

Currently, the Collection consist of the two programs: Biffuz Gogo Frontend and Biffuz Oggenc Frontend. The programs of the Collection shares much of their code, so they works similarly.

Version 2.0 is almost completely rewritten, and support drag&drop of discs and directories, more control on encoding, and more! Even the encoder is included in the package.

Biffuz Gogo Frontend

Gogo is a fast, free and open source MP3 encoder, based on LAME 2.x. It has the same quality as LAME, but it is optimized for speed on the x86 CPU family. If you have an old computer, the speed difference from LAME is noticeable. Unfortunately Gogo is no longer maintained.

Download (421 KiB zipped BeOS SoftwareValet package)

Biffuz Oggenc Frontend

Oggenc is the official encoder for the Ogg/Vorbis music codec. It is able to create smaller files than MP3s, but with the same quality or better. For more info, see the Vorbis homepage.

Download (521 KiB zipped BeOS SoftwareValet package)

Quick facts

License type The Frontends are freeware; the encoders are distributed under various open source licenses
Languages The Frontends are in English only (older versions were available in Italian, Spanish, and German); encoders may be available in other languages, but this packages includes only English
Version Frontends are at version 2.0; Gogo is at version 2.39b, and Oggenc is at version 1.0
Requirements BeOS 5 or Zeta 1.0
Source code Source code of the Frontends is not available; for the encoders, the source code can be obtained from their websites
Download size 421 KiB (Gogo Frontend) or 521 KiB (Oggenc Frontend)
Download type ZIPped BeOS SoftwareValet Package


Biffuz Gogo Frontend 2.0 RC1 encodind an Audio CD Biffuz Gogo Frontend 2.0 RC1 encoding an Audio CD 84 KiB JPEG

Previous versions

You can find previous versions in the Archive.

Future plans

A new member of the family is coming! The long-awaited Biffuz Frontend for LAME is under development. It will bring updates, bugfixes, and localization support to the whole Collection.
I got some requests for a version of my frontend for the BeOS Media Kit filters. The Media Kit filters require a radically different approach than command-line encoders, and the current structure of the Frontends does not allow it. I may take as much as possible from the existing code, but it will need some more work, so don't expect this version soon.