Software archive

This is a collection of older versions of my software. They're supplied for reference only, and are completely unsupported.

Name Version Download Notes
BeNQC 2.4.r3 189 KiB NQC 2.4.r3 for BeOS. This is not a software of mine, I just ported it to the BeOS. See the Official NQC Web Site for details.
Biffuz Gogo Frontend 1.0 36 KiB  
1.1 41 KiB  
1.1a 41 KiB  
1.2 (English) 56 KiB  
1.2 (Italian) 56 KiB  
1.2a (English) 57 KiB  
1.2a (German) 55 KiB Readme file in English
1.2a (Italian) 57 KiB  
1.2a (Spanish) 57 KiB  
2.0 RC1 414 KiB  
Biffuz Oggenc Frontend 1.2a (English) 54 KiB  
1.2a (German) 51 KiB Readme file in English
1.2a (Italian) 54 KiB  
1.2a (Spanish) 54 KiB  
2.0 RC1 515 KiB  
File-To-Resource 1.0 24 KiB