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NQC is an open source programming language for the LEGO Mindstorms RCX and older LEGO programmable bricks (it is not compatible with NXT or EV3). The original NQC was made by Dave Baum, I just made the BeOS port. For more information about NQC, see the Official NQC web site.

Currently, NQC for BeOS supports only the serial infrared tower, but USB support is in progress. Serial port code was made by Michael Lloyd Lee, who made the first know BeOS porting of NQC.

This software is not an official Lego product, and its authors are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the LEGO Group.

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Quick facts

License type Mozilla Public License
Languages English only
Version 2.5.r1
Requirements BeOS 5 or Zeta 1.0
Source code The package includes only the BeOS specific code, full source code can be obtained from the official NQC web site.
Download size 316 KiB
Download type ZIP file

Future plans

NQC 3.1.r4 porting is under progress, it will be released when the USB support will be ready, and the older NQC 2.5.r3 will be released together for completeness.
If you're looking for a simple task to learn BeOS programming, you can write a GUI for BeNQC :-)

Previous versions

You can find previous versions in the Archive.