Generic hardware icon Velleman K8055 library for BeOS beta 1

The Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board K8055 is a small USB board with several I/O ports for electronics hobbyists. It provides 5 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog/PWM outputs (each with 8 bit resolution), and two hardware counters bound to the two first digital inputs with customizable debounce times.
This package contains a library to interface your BeOS/ZETA application with this board and a demo application, with full source code released under the MIT license. No driver installation is required, it uses the BeOS USB Kit.

The library is very simple and implements all the functions explained in the Velleman’s developers guide for the original Windows DLL. It would be nice to have something better - i.e., object oriented classes, multithreading-multiboard support, notify on input changes, and such - but this will be for another version. If you want, take a look at the code and improve it!

This program is not approved, supported, or endorsed by Velleman.

Download (180 KiB zip)

Quick facts

License type MIT
Language English
Version beta 1
Requirements BeOS 5 or ZETA 1.2
Source code Included
Download size 180 KiB
Download type ZIP file


Velleman K8055 demo application screenshot Demo application
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